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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

House of Leaves - Appendix III: Contrary Evidence

Well guys, we're on to the third appendix, which I'm pretty sure is the final chapter left to read. Apart from the index, which I'm not reading. Who actually reads the index?
So this appendix is apparently a collection of contrary evidence collected by the editors. What this actually amounts to is 5 pages worth of pictures, none of which really contrast the book's events. I've finished it already, and that seems an utterly pointless way to do it. I'll admit, the pictures were rather cool representations of the Navidson house, including a comic book page of when Holloway is shooting at Navidson and Reston, but it's a rather anti-climactic way to end a book.

Seeing as that was the last chapter of the book, my next entry will be an overall review and an introduction to my next book. Thanks to those of you who have persevered with me, I hope you enjoyed this.

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  1. I'm pretty sure myself that the "Contrary" element refers to the fact that, once you've gotten that far, everything suggests that the film never existed. Navidson reads the book House of Leaves within the labyrinth. One of Zampano's notes has him debating whether or not Chad and Daisy should die. Yet, this is evidence, apparently found by the editors PRIOR to publication, that suggests that the film really DID exist.

    Also consider the "thanks" page, which I thought was the responsibility of the editors, which suggests they have a copy of Exploration #4.